Chelsea striker Fernando Torres has said that he is still not sure why he is unable to find the goals. The £ 50 million striker moved from Liverpool last January and he has been a figure of isolation since then.

So far, he has scored only three league goals this season, and this is not the kind of return owner Roman Abramovich would have been hoping when he sanctioned the huge bid for the striker.

The Spaniard was initially lacking in fitness when he arrived at Chelsea, but he is certainly not capable of blaming fitness for his recent troubles.

It has been more than five months since Torres last found the back of the net in the match against Swansea. Fernando Torres scored a goal against Swansea, which was finally expected to bring the best from him. However, after getting sent off in the same match, Torres has not been the player he was expected by many to become at Chelsea.

The striker has said in a recent interview that there were times during his Liverpool days when everything he touched turned into goals, but at Chelsea, he is struggling to get even one goal. Despite working hard, the Spaniard is at great difficulty to explain his lack of goals.

“To be honest, after one year I was expecting things to be better than they are now. On the pitch, it is a difficult time for Chelsea because we are not finding the results but we’re changing things, like playing a different style and still we have a young team to do it,” Fernando Torres said in a recent interview.

It was initially thought that he would perform well in the absence of Didier Drogba, who departed to the African cup of nations. However, it has not been the case at all for Fernando Torres.