Signed from the French club Lille in the summer for around £32 million, Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard has managed to establish himself as one of the important members of the squad over the last few months.

Even though Hazard had an impressive start to the Premier league career, he was somewhat overshadowed by the problems surrounding the striker Fernando Torres. During the first half of the season, Hazard primarily contributed to the team in the way of assists. However, the last few months have been excellent for the 22-year-old in terms of goals as well.

He is now being taken more seriously, and there have been comparisons with Hazard becoming the next Ronaldo of the Premier league. The player has said that his game has changed since signing for Chelsea in the summer. He has said that he has managed to become more consistent than in the past in such a way that there have not been a criticism that he has had a bad game. The midfielder has said that he expected the Premier league to be a much bigger physical challenge, but he has said that it is only on par with the French league.

Hazard has eight league goals to his name, while also contributing numerous assists as well.

“What has improved the most since I’ve been at Chelsea? My steadiness. I’ve failed in a few matches but I’ve never heard ‘Hazard has been hopeless.’ I’ve had a lot of good matches this term. I thought it would be tougher physically but in Ligue 1 it is tough too. I’ve taken fewer blows in Premier League. Maybe they are more violent, so I try to avoid challenges! Anyway I am happy,” said Hazard. The trio of Eden Hazard, Oscar, and Juan Mata are expected to be the best in the Premier league in the next few years.