The career of Fernando Torres started going downhill ever since the moment, the Spanish forward made a move from Liverpool to Chelsea.

Once considered to one of the best strikers in the world as he played alongside Gerrard and now a player that is lucky to find any kind of playing time in the Premier League.

Jose Mourinho does have faith in him as he is a consistent player in the starting lineup of the team although mostly just being a substitute than anything else. When he was asked about what his feelings are towards having a spot in the main team even though it’s just for a couple of minutes he answered:
“That depends on your performance. If you perform and you score every weekend, then you are going to play. That’s why Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi never rotate, because they score every game’’.

‘’It’s just part of the time right now, I never did in Atletico or Liverpool but I do now and it happens in the national team too. I’m realistic, I know that I’m not scoring the goals I should and someone is taking my place, that’s football.”

Fernando Torres has faced a series of obstacles and struggles since switching to Chelsea and despite this, the former Liverpool star insisted in saying that he is enjoying his career and life as he is certain that he will overcome the hardship.

“You have difficulties and problems and you have to be strong. My career is a bit like this, every player goes through the same. I don’t think people go from zero to hero in one day and stay there for a long time, that’s not real’’.

“One day they will have a difficult experience, and if you have good and bad, good and bad on the way, then you’re more prepared. You write your own history, you’d like to be the best player and best goal scorer but that’s not always possible.”